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Hello, my name is Chris Prey, and welcome to my world of auto racing. My goal is to one day race and win in the top levels of motorsport. In order to realistically achieve this goal, it is my responsibility to acquire the sponsorship to do so. The purpose of this site is to show the benefits that racing offers in terms of building relationships and creating networking opportunities that help to further business-to-business sales, as well as the national and international media exposure racing provides to help in marketing products or services to an extremely loyal and intelligent fan base. I hope that this material gives you some insight into who I am and shows the potential I have in being a spokesperson for your business. If I'm the driver that you'd like to follow and help advance to the top of the sport, let's begin working together to build a racing program that will utilize all avenues at our disposal to maximize return on investment in the exciting world of auto racing.



Racecraft 100 %

Car Control 100 %

Quality Feedback 100 %

Vehicle Adaptability 100 %

Aggressive 100 %

All Weather Conditions 100 %


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