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Hello, my name is Chris Prey, and welcome to my exciting world of auto racing & the motorsports industry. My goal is to race and win in the top levels of motorsport, while testing and instructing others in the finest automobiles this planet has to offer. To achieve this goal, I've logged many hours building relationships by pounding the pavement at racetracks and events around the world, as well as, making countless cold calls to get in touch with decision makers that didn't yet know how badly they wanted to partner up with me. The purpose of this site is to introduce myself to you and my online presence, in order to build confidence in working with me for whatever the reason I or luck brought you here. Chances are, I want to show you the potential I have in being a spokesperson for your business, how focused and fast I can drive your racecar, or why you want to pick me to instruct you at your next trackday. I hope that the content on the site gives you some insight into who I am, where I've come from, and where I want to go. Let's begin working together to build a racing program that will utilize all avenues at our disposal to maximize return on investment.

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Racecraft 100 %

Car Control 100 %

Quality Feedback 100 %

Vehicle Adaptability 100 %

Aggressive 100 %

All Weather Conditions 100 %

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